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To Go Beyond The Veil

1. And so it came to pass that in the early morning The Apostate came to great Wastes beyond the Veil. 2. Raising up the sands he caused them to devour the Fallen Ones hungrily and to wipe their kind from the Ninth World for all eternity. 3. At the height of the sun lifted him his voice, and he did raise up a mighty ganton and he set it upon the sand seas. 4. In the early evening, taking up his staff he set foot on the great ganton and striking it mightily about the head, caused there a smooth stone of surpassing brilliance to grow across its width. This was the Shepherd’s Stone and the sun had found it’s bed. 5. So then as the moon appeared, the Apostate walked its length and breadth and in so doing caused to be dwellings for man woman child and beasts of burden. And when he had returned to the Shepherd’s Stone at the height of the moon he gazed across the ganton and saw that his works were fruitful. 6. And as the moon sank into slumber itself, this was the first day of Ganton Sarra.
— The Apostolic Texts

On the farthest side of the Ninth World, hidden from the Crusades of the Amber Pope lies the emerald and amber expanse of the Runn Preserve. Created by the God Idolon and His prophet, the Apostate as a land of both peace and trial, the Preserve harbors beauty held in its lush jungles and forests and given freedom in the wide open plains and arid desert.

On its outermost reaches lies the great amber ocean of sand, silt and scrub lands known as the Kinfall Wastes. In the early hours of the Ninth World this Wasteland too was a thriving paradise of life but The Fallen Ones came out of the Deep Black, descended there and wreaked havoc on the hearts and minds of the inhabitants. Laying them low the Fallen Ones set their hungry eyes upon the rest of the Preserve. It is revealed in the lost Apostolic Texts that the Prophet of Idolon came from beyond the great Veils and alone caused the soil and sand beneath the Fallen Ones to rise up in righteous anger, swallowing the unhallowed numenera and demons but as a reminder to the rest of the Preserve leaving that area devoid of life for ten upon ten generations. But life returned even to the harsh wastes. Communities such as the Rockhites and Dugouts, as well as great glittering Gantons have etched out an existence, even managing to thrive in the Wastes.

One of the great Gantons, Ganton Sarra is known as a traveling city of mercantilism; its inhabitants being recognized as some of the most skilled traders, artisans, mechands and mercenaries in the Wastes. Ganton Sarra travels the Wastes, stopping for days at the smaller communities throughout the area to provide much needed services.

It is here in Ganton Sarra, in the earliest days of Spring, that our story begins.

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