An odd elderly man surrounded by half broken and un-repairable numenera. Found in the Glivo Dugout.


Height: 5’8" (hunched) 5’10" (otherwise)
Weight: 145lbs
Eyes: Pale blue gray. Thick rimmed reading lenses.
Hair: Yellow gray with chestnut streaks. Messy. Beard dirty white.
Skin tone: Darkly tanned. wrinkled and scarred. Left hand up to just above wrist is considerably less tanned and has the appearance of a much younger man (decades younger in fact.)

Notables: Dresses in the light simple adornment of Dugout folk but has a slight paranoid streak which seems to mark him as a former Rockhite. Likewise tends to use some idioms and expressions found only among Ganton folk. Combined these 3 traits tend to lend to his apparent mental instability.


Tinker is the last remaining inhabitant of Glivo. Staying behind when the others moved to Rockhites and other Dugouts to escape the encroaching shimmersand, Tinker refused to leave his “friends”, the small automatons which flock around him.

Tinker is friendly but obviously not at all mentally stable. Likewise his ability to diagnose and repair numenera rivals that of even Sarran mechands but his flighty and somewhat paranoid personality makes trusting his workmanship difficult, if not hazardous.

When first encountered Tinker is clad only in a dhoti and is on one of the mudbrick dugouts tanning himself. A small alert mecha brings the party’s arrival to his attention.

Tinker appears to be in his late 60’s early 70’s. His skin is worn leather tough, tanned by the sun with a light dusting of snow white and gray body hair. An odd skin condition causes his left hand to appear to have skin and muscle tone that is decades more youthful than the rest of his body, proving to be a stark contrast and a notable body feature. Tinker explains the oddity as his “scar” he received for being young and stupid and putting his hands in things he shouldn’t have.


Numenera atmycrossroads tinker