Argus Windwraith (formerly Windsmith)

An urban legend among the people of Ganton Sarra. A nightmare and boogeyman to frighten young mechands.


Image courtesy of the Hall of Luminaries, Tower of Works.

Height: 6’
Weight: 197lbs
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Dark rusty brown. Worn shoulder length but tied up under protective helm when working
Skin: Even mocha color. Few scars.

Notables: Argus was a happy quiet citizen of Ganton Sarra with a ready smile and a quick wit. Well known by the rest of the city Argus was easily recognized as he was only one of three individuals to be gifted a collar engraved with his build and made out of thin slivers of the opalescent rock of the Shepherd Stone.


Argus Windsmith was one of the most noted and well loved Mechands of Ganton Sarra. Along with the future Formech Demarcation “Embar” Ebonbolt, Argus literally sailed through the upstream repos, and when Embar drank the Heartsblood of Ganton Sarra, Argus was right there with his “brother”. As Embar progressed toward leadership and Maintainer of Repos. Argus delved into the deep mysteries of esotera and numenera. It seemed as if Ganton Sarra itself guided his endeavors and he made great leaps in repairing and improving the numenera which launched the Swoops, fliks and flotes.

It is such a shining climb to greatness that makes Argus’ fall into darkness all the more hellish. In the space of a single day the second most powerful mechand in Sarra went mad. Screaming and spitting at his fellows to get out of his head he ran from his lodgings, disappearing into he underbelly of Sarra. Embar determined to find his brother drew together a search team and using the esolink shared by all mechands, dropped down into the Underbelly to save his friend.

What happened next momentarily crashed every repo in Sarra. Argus Windsmith vanished from the esolink and his connection to Sarra’s Heart went “black”. In effect Windsmith became a ghost, a wraith in the black halls of Ganton Sarra and eventually became a name used to frighten young arrogant mechands who seemed to be reaching above and beyond their build.

Decades passed and then one hot summer day, the dorsal arcanomatrix grid for the entire city overheated and exploded showering nearly a quarter of the city in white hot numenera and malformed esotera. As the city guards leapt to the defense, spotters noted a lone flote drifting up and away from the crater left by the explosion. Swoops and fliks were manned but failed to launch, the numenera seemed locked down and unsuable. Flotes still in the bays refused to lift their great air bladders staying empty and limp. The Windwraith was blamed. And the whole city huddled around their Heartlamps quietly praying to Idolon that the wraith had finally left their city.

Embar Ebonbolt never truly recovered from his friends betrayal and as the years settled on his shoulders he became less and less inclined to use his title to help the city and inhabitants. Soon he had all but retired turning the day to day operations of Sarra over to, what today appears to be his successor, Escondra Guyline.

Argus Windwraith is assumed to be gone from the city, but theres not a parent, citizen, glaive jack, or nano that hasnt used his name as a boogeyman to fighten their spawn into behaving as they desire.

Argus Windwraith (formerly Windsmith)

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